Basecamp Programme


Basecamp is a customizable process designed to help put you on the path to financial security. Once you have established your base, you are on your way to the summit.
It all starts with you.
Discover: We'll jump on a call or grab a coffee to chat about you. We'll spend some time learning about what's important to you and what has you up at night. We'll snapshot your current reality and explore whether there's a fit for us to work together.
Learn: We'll establish mutual expectations and potential outcomes, and set timelines for doing so. We'll dig deep to better understand your specific situation, needs and opportunities. We'll prepare holistic recommendations to achieve total financial health.
Educate: We'll share our recommended strategies to help meet your needs, from risk management to sound financial hacking to tax and estate planning. We'll help you understand the benefits of these recommendations, and address any questions or areas of further concern. We'll commit to implementing these solutions together.
Build: We'll work tirelessly behind the scenes to get your individualized plan approved and set up, sharing timely updates along the way. Once you're approved, we'll review the plan and make any necessary adjustments before issuing and implementing the solutions.
Serve: Did the experience of working together meet or exceed your expectations? What, if anything, could have been done differently? Once your strategy is in place, we'll work with you to establish realistic guidelines and milestones for monitoring and measuring progress. We and our team of professionals will always be prepared to adjust for any life changes, serving you today and into the future.
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