Jeff Bernstein

Jeff Bernstein - Associate Advisor

Jeff Bernstein
Jeff Bernstein and family
Jeff’s background is as different as it gets in the financial advisory industry. Whether working on international human rights cases for a Canadian senator, guiding a team of engineers to build and ship software to satisfied customers, or keeping the streets of East Africa and Southeast Asia safe from fake medicines, Jeff’s passion and profession has been finding new ways to help people solve problems that matter.

Jeff helps people get ahead financially, building a plan to take care of those that take care of others. Being able to relate to many different scenarios and people from all walks of life is the driving force behind his financial security practice. This is also what distinguishes him from other advisors. Jeff believes that people are searching for a new type of advisor today, someone who genuinely understands and cares about the different dimensions and concerns of his clients and who is guided by an unceasing mission to help others get ahead.

Jeff and his wife, Dani, live in midtown Toronto with their son, Fox, and husky-shepherd rescue dog, Nash. Jeff holds degrees in international affairs, and has spent a period of immersion in software development as a student and mentor. Jeff is passionate about living a healthy, active, and outdoors lifestyle. He’s an avid skier, dedicated cyclist, frequent runner, and enthusiastic basketball player. Having caught the triathlon bug, Jeff has set a personal endurance goal of completing an Ironman 70.3 in 2017.

Promoting social innovation as well as inclusion of people with differences are two areas very close to Jeff’s heart. He volunteers with and fundraises for organizations that promote opportunities for marginalized communities, in both grassroots and board leadership roles. Jeff’s goal is to help others excel wherever possible; he’d love to grab a coffee to chat about any areas of interest that may align.
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