Our Mission


With our expert knowledge and caring approach, we guide our clients so they are able to preserve their wealth for future generations. This empowers the individuals, families and businesses we serve to feel confident about the future, enjoy a continuity of lifestyle and have the freedom to make desirable choices.

Our Vision
Just as your values influence the way you engage with people every day, our values very much inform the way we serve our clients. Here are the core values Seligman & Associates Ltd. believes in and puts into practice:
  • Knowledge - Our expertise in estate and insurance planning is rooted in our specialized knowledge. We are able to guide our clients towards making informed decisions by virtue of being experts in the latest estate, tax and insurance issues, trends, concepts and solutions.
  • Guidance - By providing guidance, support and smart advice, we help our clients have a clear vision of the future so they can plan for it.
  • Caring - The essence of our role is to ensure our clients and their families are well-cared for. That is why we act in a caring, honest and respectful manner.
  • Positive Energy - We are a positive and enthusiastic team with lots of energy to give. When our clients work with us, our positive energy is inspiring and motivating for them.
  • Balance - Striking the right work-life balance is of paramount importance and we believe that family and health comes first.
  • Comfort - We pride ourselves on having a friendly, personal-service approach with our clients. We feel that creating a professional, yet relaxed setting is the best way to do business.
  • Community - A long-tradition of community service is a cornerstone of the Seligman culture. We feel that contributing to the well-being of our community is integral.
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