Speaking Engagements2

Peter Seligman


This is a comprehensive list of Peter's speaking engagements, as he spans the globe delivering messages of insight into life and business. 
'Work Life Strategies'
Sun Life - Practice Development Summit
Orlando, September 2016

‘To Move Forward You Have To Give Back’
Manulife - National Education Conference
Berlin, June 2016

‘Carpe Diem’ (Seize The Day)
IFCG - Advisor Appreciation Event
Toronto, September 2015

‘Strategies, Successes and Challenges’
Manulife - Elite Forum
San Diego, January 2015

‘New Advisors’
Manulife - Advisor Development Programme
Toronto, March 2014

‘The Shoe Makers Children Went Barefoot’
Sun Life - Strategic Partners Summit
Mt. Tremblant, June 2013

‘It’s Not About How To Sell – It’s About How To Be In Sales’
Manulife - Boot Camp Program
Collingwood, September 2011

‘Incorporating Critical Illness In To Your Practice’
Manulife - Elite Forum
Niagara Falls, May 2010

‘Dealing With Adversity’
IFCG – Elite Advisor Series
Toronto, March 2009

‘Living Benefits’
Munich RE - CLB Conference
Toronto, September 2006

‘How To Climb To The Top With Coaching and Branding’
Ontario Sales Conference

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